Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On Reflection

Since this thing is supposed to be a personal growth (or loss) experience I guess I should take some time to reflect on the first month of the song journal in a little more detail:

I ask a lot of questions. In 33 songs I’ve asked about 55 questions. I’ve gotten only one answer but it was a good one. Answers are hard to come by.

I dream a lot (or at least I talk about dreaming a lot). The word “dream” appears (so far) more than 20 times.

I address “you” with shocking regularity. “You” doesn’t always refer to the same person (though a couple of “you” are invoked multiple times).

I make reference to illness often in here – either to acknowledge it or suggest (or desire) possible “cures”.

As of song #33 I’ve only recorded one “guitar solo” (it’s actually at the end of song #33). It’s probably too many. I cried when I recorded it.

I cover a lot of stylist territory. Either I’m “willfully eclectic” or I lack focus and direction.

I have very few (if any) up-tempo tunes. I need to rock out more.

My titles are sometimes better (and longer) than the tunes.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Only 11 months To Go

Well, I've completed the first month of my song-a-day for a year madness. Even though it's early in the process I've been able to determine a few things:

1. I work best in the early morning. Most of these were written and recorded between 4 and 5AM. Who needs alpha stage sleep?

2. Mandolin always works in a track

3. Shackuhachi never works in a track

4. I am not a faulty antenna

5. Birds go uncredited

6. I am running out of chords

7. I am running out of cords