Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On Reflection

Since this thing is supposed to be a personal growth (or loss) experience I guess I should take some time to reflect on the first month of the song journal in a little more detail:

I ask a lot of questions. In 33 songs I’ve asked about 55 questions. I’ve gotten only one answer but it was a good one. Answers are hard to come by.

I dream a lot (or at least I talk about dreaming a lot). The word “dream” appears (so far) more than 20 times.

I address “you” with shocking regularity. “You” doesn’t always refer to the same person (though a couple of “you” are invoked multiple times).

I make reference to illness often in here – either to acknowledge it or suggest (or desire) possible “cures”.

As of song #33 I’ve only recorded one “guitar solo” (it’s actually at the end of song #33). It’s probably too many. I cried when I recorded it.

I cover a lot of stylist territory. Either I’m “willfully eclectic” or I lack focus and direction.

I have very few (if any) up-tempo tunes. I need to rock out more.

My titles are sometimes better (and longer) than the tunes.


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