Monday, February 20, 2006


Got a note from Jeff Sampson this morning that Woosh, the project I did with him and Bret Hart, is ready and available from Burning Shirt records and also from CD Baby.

We did Woosh a while ago (and have almost completed the follow-up) and it's a good example of how I was playing Chapman Stick then, using it to glue Jeff's ethereal vocals and electronics to Bret's stream-of-conciousness entropic energy playing.

HERE's the link to Woosh, complete with MP3 soundclips!

Thanks Jeff & Bret for yet another wild ride!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Independent Musician Lower-archy:

Indie Level I
Signed to Subsidized* “Independent” Record Label

You’re pampered like a rock star** but treated (and paid) like a pizza delivery boy*** (your roadie will make more money than you at the end of the tour).

*Actually owned by Time Warner or Disney in an attempt to suck in cash from alt-musos
**Everything is done for you, including having your songs written, played and produced by others
*** You will actually become a pizza delivery boy

Indie Level II
Signed to or Distributed by Small, Independent Record Label

You get to call the artistic shots but your record (and career) will languish in a cardboard box on the merch table during your opening spot at “Nick’s Chug ‘n’ Spew”. Your fortune cookie says: “You like to travel (and sleep) in “vintage” Econoline vans. Collecting money is a challenge for you. Your lucky numbers, 8675309* ”

*With apologies to Tommy Tutone

Indie Level III
Owner/Operator, Micro-label

You are an “uncompromising artist*" with eclectic taste**
You smugly refer to your real job as your “day gig”
You still play Dungeons & Dragons*

*You are also “single” for good reason
** You own copies of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music in all formats, including 8-track