Thursday, April 01, 2010

Is This Thing On?

It has been a while since I posted anything because the musical activity since the end of the 365 Project slowed to a trickle or has just not gotten me interested enough to blog about it. Sadly, due to a few life changes over the past couple of years I dropped off the map from some really good friends and musicians - people who've inspired me greatly - and I promise to tend to those and build them back up (I sincerely hope)

Ok, A year ago I did write and record an album for "February Is Album Writing Month". You can listen to or download all the tracks for free HERE. If you'd like a copy in a handmade, custom cover sent to you for free just request one in the comments section below.

So anyway, it's the 3-year anniversary of the start the 365 Project and seeing how my creative output has dropped faster than Toyota stocks (I do own a Corolla) I've decided that beginning this month once again I will commit to a year-long experiment in creative self-discipline. I'll write, record and upload a record album a month for a year. 12 months, twelve albums.

Ground Rules (self-imposed)

1. A "record album" is defined as a collection of not fewer than 8 and not more than 14 songs intended to be perceived as a whole. In the event longer form pieces are required an "album" shall be no less that 36 minutes (the Creed Taylor rule) and no more than 60.

2. Instrumental and/or vocal material is acceptable

3. The work must must my own (but)

4. Collaboration with others is acceptable and desirable as long as the work is motivated by and inclusive of my creative impulse. I must be present in each and every song (and)

5. If desired, I may remake any of my previously recorded songs as long as the piece fits the vibe of the "album" and is limited to no more than one per "album"

6. All albums will contain original, cover art, printed lyrics (where applicable), liner notes and be available for free download at Each album will be available in its entirety by the last day of each month beginning April 2010 and ending March 2011.

Ok, here goes nothing...