Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Urequited Bewilderment

"Explain it Away", from The 365 Project, got airplay on Don Campau's mighty No Pigeonholes radio show on KKUP 91.5 fm in San Cupertino, CA over the weekend. You can listen to the podcast HERE.

As Don reveals in the program, I compiled 20 songs from The 365 Project at his request to be released on his Lonely Whistle Records label. Should be ready to ship by next week and you can contact Don through the Lonely Whistle Records website if you'd like a copy. The songjournal finally rests.

Don's huge presence on the indie scene - through his own music, the radio show and a vast, international network of close music connections - is beyond staggering. I hosted a podcast interview with Don where he discussed and shared some of his long history of independent music making. You can check it out and listen HERE.

Cheers to Don Campau!!


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