Monday, June 18, 2007

Songjournal On The "Air"

Got a note from Jerry Kranitz over at Aural Innovations that he's included a few of the songs from The 365 Project on his recent web radio shows:

This month "lion, be not afraid cried the tick-tock man" and "words, like origami moths flutter then fall into the unknown" were both included in his Drool Trough broadcast. Many thanks Jerry!

I'm nearing the end of month two and will write up a bit of reflection (as I did for month one) a little later in the week. On Friday I'm taking a train to upstate NY for a long weekend with the parental units so this will be my first experience posting songjounal entries from the road (or rails). It's pretty damn remote up there in the Adirondacks but I should have no trouble finding a coal-burning internet provider. Should be able to come up with some interesting material on a 9-hour train ride!


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