Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Gig Report

The gig a Larry's Bar was a fun experience. Leonard read some new poems in the 1st set (where we took turns with music and poetry) that are among the best things he's done (they went over well with the good and attentive poetry crowd). In the second set we worked together (in our music/reading duet of sorts) and we hit (I thought) a good groove.

A personal highlight for me was meeing Jerry Kranitz from Aural Innovations in person (thanks for coming Jerry!!) and having such a positive reaction (I sold all the CDs I brought) from the enthusiastic folks who came out to the show.

Thanks, Leonard, for setting this up and thanks also to Steve and the folks at Larry's Bar in Columbus!

Special thanks also to the observant vigilance of the mercenary towing forces in the greater Columbus area


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